We use antique stained glass and traditional glass stainer's colors. The glass is produced using traditional, centuries-old methods (mouth-blown) resulting in an authentic surface structure, some round or oval shaped air bubbles and beautiful, rich, transparent and brilliant colors when exposed to (sun)light. The paints we use are traditional, weather resistant, contour/grissaille glass stainer's colors (Reusche). We seldom use bright opaque, colored paints because we believe that the antique glass and (sun)light should do her magic. All images are hand painted (no transfers/decals).

Stained glass painted windows are custom made. We can offer different themes, images (character, pose, object, text), sizes, glass color settings, transparency, aging effects and finishes according to customer specification. Major steps in the design / production process will be verified (your feedback) before progressing.

The size of the Stained glass painted windows (see examples Game of thrones, Lord of the Rings) is 65 x 90 centimeters. The size of the Universe window is 49 x 73 centimeters and Judith beheading Holofernes window is 63 x 94 centimeters.

For further information, detailed photos of the Stained glass painted window examples, quotations on price or estimated delivery date, questions and special requests please contact us.  


Suggestions for other themes: Your suggestion or design (e.g. Family, Hobby), Jheronimus Bosch, Bestiarium, Botanica, Anatomy, Microbes etc.

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